Regenerative Medicine

EUCYT is a biotechnology laboratory specializing in the collection, processing and cryopreservation of placental-derived tissue factors with a focus on regenerative potential. EUCYT offers both autologous and allogenic regenerative medicine solutions.

Our goal is to deliver the most effective and innovative products while working with researchers to define the future of regenerative medicine and heal patients, not just treat them. EUCYT is an advanced biologics company engineering the future of medical therapeutics.

Our Solutions

Biotechnology Products

Regenerative medicine is an emerging science that is disrupting the practice of medicine. EUCYT’s vision is to create a robust line of stem cell options that help reduce the number of surgical procedures required and promote a patient’s own self-healing. Now, there is an alternative to outside of taking pills or having surgery.

Private Banking

EUCYT is the first lab in the world to offer two forms of stem cell banking: 1) Newborn tissue and blood banking and 2) Adult stem cell banking. For newborns, EUCYT will collect the tissue and allow you to store the materials intact for future use OR you can choose to have EUCYT process the materials into any of our products. For adults, you can choose to have your blood drawn, processed and stored into any liquid product offering. When using your own body’s stem cells, they are age dependent. Therefore, the sooner you store them, the more viable they are.

Easy Financing

EUCYT can finance all your stem cell needs. Many potential patients think receiving stem cell treatments or storing their child’s birth tissue is financially out of reach. Not so.

We offer:

  • Interest-free financing
  • Stem cell treatments at our clinics with a minimum down payment as low as $500 and an interest-free monthly payment
  • Financing options between six and 60 months

To learn more about the cost or how to finance stem cell treatments, contact an associate at (833) 693-8298 or email us at info@eucyt.com.

Access cutting-edge medical solutions

EUCYT’s team of medical and scientific professionals have a combination of more than 125 years of research and scientific experience and are dedicated to helping apply innovative human stem cell solutions to patients.

For patients living with chronic pain, to get pain relief they often face invasive surgery, years of expensive pain medication or they just live with the pain. At EUCYT, we provide minimally invasive alternatives such as injections, patches, fillers, etc. to heal your chronic issue by using your own body to restore itself so you can live virtually pain free.

To learn more, contact us at (833) 693-8298 and speak with a specialist today.

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